About Gary Montgomery

Gary Introduces Himself

Invite Gary for your convention keynote, company training, Head Start program, teacher in-service, church retreat, or Mission. He brings energy, excitement and stories, which enrich, educate and motivate.

Who is Gary?

Gary Montgomery is a living example of the message he shares wherever he travels. As a youngster he read the newspaper as though he was presenting the evening news. He had dreams of becoming a television broadcaster.

Gary made that dream come true and now continues another dream … helping audiences and businesses become the best they can be, in fact better than they think they can be, by living life with an “I CAN PLAY” attitude.

A personal Note: Gary is a Louisville, KY native and a member of St. Bernadette Church where he teaches 8th graders in GIFT/PREP. He received the Roncalli Award in 2004, given for excellence in catechesis. Gary shares his message with other churches and schools.


After traveling and broadcasting as far away as Anchorage, Alaska, Gary returned to Louisville Kentucky and became an award winning sportscaster in his hometown. Gary shared the local and national sports scene every night on WDRB-Fox 41's "The News @ 10" in Louisville, Kentucky. After nearly 3 decades, Gary retired from the nightly schedule on August 31, 2007.

Gary now devotes his full attention to “Prime Time Productions” the professional speaking company he founded in 1993. He helps businesses and individuals grow by developing communication and leadership skills. As an inspirational keynote speaker Gary presents his message of success with audiences all over the country. He shares the formula he lives: build the vision, create a positive atmosphere, and get past the obstacles by becoming a creative risk taker. That’s the simple “I CAN PLAY” formula. It enhances self-belief and promotes a ‘trust & adjust’ way to enjoy life!


Gary addresses all types of audiences, helping them develop through leadership, teamwork, personal growth and promoting positive change. He conducts seminars teaching leadership & management, presentation skills, working with volunteers and how to build an "I CAN PLAY" attitude. His audiences include sales staffs, realtors, bankers, teachers, convention attendees, association members, Chambers of Commerce, and civic employees. Gary is a member of the National Speakers Association and the Kentucky Speakers Association.

Gary is both a motivational communicator and a storyteller. In his unique style he connects with the audience and demonstrates ways of stepping up to the proactive approach to life. His audiences discover how simple adjustments have helped managers, sales reps, moms and dads, athletes, and everyday people, move beyond the obstacles and achieve goals. The formulas he shares are simple, easy to understand but profound in how they are life changing … and they are fun!


Gary is also a coach. For over twenty years he has taught youngsters to develop and grow in all types of sports. Today he uses the same simple techniques he learned in the sporting world: Set the goal, build a positive atmosphere, which makes it easy to learn, believe, risk, and go past the obstacles.

The participants aren’t in uniform and the setting is often a conference room or a boardroom instead of a playing field, but the message and the techniques are the same when Gary coaches from the platform. Learning is easy when it is entertaining, exciting and fun!


Anyone considering Gary for their meeting ... can be assured of a great presentation fitting their needs and areas of interest.

Paul Nierman, Minnesota Sanitarians Association

Your motivational message was just right to “kick-off” our event. I really feel you went out of your way to get to know this group and appreciate your visiting with everyone prior to the dinner and your inspiring talk. You deliver positive remarks in a very professional manner.

Leland B. Longstreth, American Institute of Commemorative Art