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It's Fun To Be Catholic


"It’s Fun to be Catholic" is an inspirational pep talk for Catholics. Gary opens the doors to the classroom where he taught eighth-graders for the past twenty-five years. A young man named Ryan Riggs taught Gary that the process he was using was working inside the classroom, so now it’s time to swing the doors open wide and share the Good News to Catholics world wide – It’s Fun to be Catholic!

Gary has received the ‘Roncalli Award’ from the Archdiocese of Louisville for excellence in catechists. He is a former TV Sportscaster who learned to bring energy and a great experience to the viewing audiences each night. He now works to share the exciting Good News in all walks of life…”It’s Fun to Be Catholic!”

Gary shared the title of his new book, “It’s Fun to be Catholic!” with a friend who replied, “Not many Catholics would agree with that title.” That’s the reason for the book; to reach for and experience the excitement, energy, and fun of being Catholic! It’s a pep talk for Catholics!

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I Can Play


Gary Montgomery's best selling book relates his "I Can Play" philosophy for life. He is a story teller that causes the reader to remember their own "stories." Whether it's Creating Vision, Building a Positive Atmosphere, or Taking Risks, Gary Montgomery leads all of us to "The Next Step"

FREE! Gary will give you a sample chapter of "I Can Play." See how his writing reflects the story-teller. Giving you part of the book for free reflects his "take risks" philosophy. You will want to finish the book!

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