You are powerful

You are powerful!  You really are.  No telling what you can accomplish!

Visited Hammond Indiana yesterday and spoke to some wonderful individuals (mostly women) who help other people.  They work with children and families in Early Childhood development.  Their goal is to convince others they can be better than they think they can be.  They don’t always think about it that way but that’s what they are doing;  teaching people (kids & families) to grow … to have vision, to live in a positive atmosphere and to take risk and stretch.   Sounds like living life with an I CAN PLAY attitude.  That’s why I was there.

While preparing the room for the presentation I met a young man who was with security for the University where the conference was held.  He said he worked part time while going to school.  He was studying finanace.  I asked what he was going to do after college.  “Finance” was his answer.

“What company?” I asked.  Said he didn’t know.  “What will you be doing in finance?” I asked again.  Said he didn’t know.  “What will it look like when you do what you do?”  Said he didn’t know … but you could see he was thinking

I suggested he start to answer those questions and begin to see where he was going and also begin to see how it’s going to happen.  He was listening.  You can tell when people are listening.  Then I asked again, “Can you see yourself across the desk with someone asking for your help, maybe trying to buy a house?”  He nodded.  He could not only see himself there he could feel the future!

We finished our conversation.  He was aglow!  He could see success.  That’s vision!

As I continued preparing the room I thought …that’s powerful.  He could see the future as he creates it.  He’s powerful.  We all are!

Word list

For the next few weeks I am going to list words that move me.  Perhaps they move you also.   “Move me?” you might say!

I mean move you mentally.  Cause you to take steps.  Make you do something different, improve yourself.

My favorite word is ADJUST.   “Now how can that move you?” is the question.   Adjust is a synonym for the word change.  I don’t like change, or at least the word.  Change sounds harsh, abrupt.  I would rather adjust.   Let the world change … I’ll just adjust.  It sound so much simpler.

Adjust is the way we learn and the way we deal with life.  We adjust our thinking about something and we learn more.  We open our minds (adjust) and we put in more knowledge.  When we try one way, and it doesn’t work, we adjust, try a new path. It really is that simple.  But we must be able, capable and eager to adjust.  That’s the hard part.  Looking for and being ready to adjust.

Somebody (I have looked it up but have not found who) said something like this.  If you want to go somewhere you’ve never been …  you have to do something you’ve never done.

That’s the long way of saying ….”ADJUST.”