Presentation Technique

I ask audiences and speech classes I teach ” What is most important, the performance, the audience or the message?”

Hardly anyone answers the performance.  However when they do, they argue that the performance has a great deal of influence on how the audience receives the message.  Hard to argue with that reasoning.

Many, in fact most, will answer the audience.  It’s all about them isn’t it.  The audience is the reason you are presenting.

I think it’s all about the message.

I won’t let the audience or the class answer out loud anymore.  No show of hands to vote which is more important.  I don’t want them to think they shared a wrong answer so I ask them just to think about it.  Don’t respond for now.

If you think the presentation, or performance, is most important you get caught up in yourself and how you are doing in addressing the audience.  Many speakers think different, but it’s not about the speaker.

So how can I suggest the audience is not most important?  We wouldn’t be here if not for the audience.  They need the message, especially if it’s an important lesson or special truth they need to hear or understand.  Right?

I’m going to stick with the message being most important and the focal point of the presentation.  It’s all about the belief in the message being delivered.  If we truly believe in the message it will show with our performance.  We will live the message as much as we do present it.  In fact if we continually live the message, that will be our performance.

And if we believe in that message it will come across to the audience.  They will see the truth we believe.  It will show.  Passion and excitement will be the pathway of the words we share from the front of the room.  There is nothing we can do to better  value our audience than to commit to our message so that it is understood through our actions as well as our words.

When we focus on our message we better value our audience.  They will experience  the passion and excitement of our actions which are naturally created by our beliefs.

However, we can tune up our performance.

I want to continue working.   Message yes, but we can continue practicing how to live it in front of others.

Farmers National Company

I Can Play presentation with Farmers National Company – Oct 25,2010

TEAMERSHIP – It’s like leadership but with the team in front!

  1. Focus on the Goal!
  2. Take Ownership!
  3. Create a Cooperative Environment!

Things we can bring to the team …. minus, division,addition, or multiply.  We want to multiply our team and each member.

Make it #3 — Create a SUCCESS Environment!


LEADERSHIP – When someone feels better about who they are because they were around you!

I CAN PLAY attitude


Make it real.

Live it each day.

Share it with others.  


Positive self-talk.

Positive people/places.

Focus on results.

3.  RISK

Face the negatives.

Expand boundaries.

Practice the difficult.

Hello 2010

I’ve just emerged into 2010.  Too cold to get out.  I guess that might be a resolution; learn to deal with the cold!

Gearing up for some January events.  I have a Confirmation retreat coming up January 18 with St. Thomas More and St. Nicholas Schools.  It’s always a blessing to work with 8th graders as they prepare to take a step in their faith life.

January 21st I will share the I CAN PLAY formula with the North East Louisville Business Association.  The 22nd and 23rd is a parish council staff retreat with St. Thomas in Bardstown Kentucky and another 8th grade Confirmation retreat on January 30th with St. Bernadette.

I want to share some resolutions and some ideas on making them come true but that will have to wait.  Going to check out another football Bowl game.  Only a few left.

Hope the new year is off to a great start!