Just finished speaking at a youth leadership conference in Texas.  Over three-hundred high school seniors learning life skills.  It is a powerful experience to be a part of!  I cherish the opportunity to work with them.

Texas Farm Bureau sponsors the event each year and I am honored to work with the young women and men on their presentation skills and then speak to them at their closing banquet.  If you have read my blogs in the past you know I want them to live life with an I CAN PLAY attitude.  It’s a simple process to step into self- belief and start living successfully instead of looking for success.

Each morning of the conference the leaders and counselors hosted a motivation session.  It gets the young people fired up and energized.  I like it!  What a great idea for everyone to start the day fired up and energized!  The counselors took the lead with upbeat music, line dancing hosted by a different youth team each day, beach balls batted all over the auditorium, and the counselors patrolling to encourage everyone to participate.

I thought about you and me.  What do we do to start the day?  I bet we don’t plan our day with motivation being the first event.  Perhaps if something good happens we get a little excited and the day starts off pretty good, but we wait for it to happen.  What I’m talking about is to plan for a great day and start it off with energy…with motivation.

Some of you do.  Your first event of the day is going to the gym.  You get the blood flowing and the energy level moving up.  Good idea.  Some of you hit the outdoors for a walk.  I like it!  Physical activity and an opportunity to start generating the positive ideas for the day .. get the brain working!!    Others step into prayer and devotion.  A great motivator to put life and everything about it in order and perspective.  Thank God for the people in our lives and the gifts and opportunities He has for us. Some read inspirational book in addition to the bible.  Get the juices going!

Even if you already begin your day with prayer, a walk, inspirational reading or hitting the gym, make your first thought before you leave the house …MOTIVATION.  Like the young leaders I met.  Turn the music up, and then up a little more.  Put some energy in your step, dance your way to the car or the bus stop!  Hit that ball into the air, and take a smile with you.

Here’s my final thought.  Bring energy and motivation with you wherever you go.  If you don’t bring it with you might not find it when you get there.   There’s a lot of negativity floating around.  Put motivation at the top of your list.  First thing!  Everyday!