Everybody on the planet

I just got an email from a friend who read my book “It’s Fun to be Catholic!” Joe Bonura, wrote “Gary, your book needs to be read by every Catholic and non-Catholic on the planet. Keep up the great work.” Joe is Christian but not Catholic. He helped me adjust my thinking because yes this is a book about faith and growing in faith. So I think he has got something going when he says it should be read by everyone on the planet. I agree!

Someone else thinks the book is a good read for all Christians and you can see what she has to say about “It’s Fun to be Catholic!” Check out what Dawne Gee of WAVE TV said about the book during a recent interview on her show “WAVE Country.” The interview is posted on my blog www.icanplay/blog on July 10, 2016.

Some people I greatly respect are getting value from “It’s Fun to Be Catholic!” no matter their faith denomination. My goal is for the book to travel far and wide and be read by … as Joe suggested “… everybody on the planet.” Here’s why. An eighth grader caught fire in my Sunday School classroom and wrote a thank you note. He said he discovered that it’s fun to be Catholic while preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation. If an eighth grader can grow enough in his faith and in relationship with Jesus Christ, then others can do the same and experience the value of a relationship with Jesus Christ and his Father. If what we do in the classroom can move an eighth grader from being bored about his faith to thinking It’s fun to be Catholic, well we need to open the classroom doors and let the energy out! We need to share the Good News far and wide. So I am going to keep working, keep trying to convince grandparents, moms and dads, young adults, and eighth graders of all faiths to step into “It’s Fun to be Catholic!” with the expectation that they too can grow in their faith, whether they be Catholic or a member of another faith.

As we get excited about our faith we discover more about it. When we put more into our faith, we get more out of it. That’s when we discover that … “peace beyond understanding” … that Jesus brings and the hope we were created for. When we live in peace and hope all parts of life become fun.

Try it. You’ll discover the path like Joe Bonura or Ryan Riggs, the eighth grader who inspired me to write the book. I’ll tell you again; if an eighth grader gets energy and fun from his faith it’s time to write it down and share that great experience with others. It’s time to share the Good News “… with everyone on the planet.” Discover the fun in your life and in your faith. Go to www.icanplay.com/books to find out what’s it’s all about.