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Tony Rossi from The Christophers Interviews Gary Montgomery

You can read more about Gary Montgomery and his interview with Tony Rossi, as well as his new book, “It’s Fun To Be Catholic” here. Listen to the full interview Your browser does not support the audio element.

Gary Montgomery on The Busted Halo Show

Gary Montgomery joined Father Dave Dwyer on The Busted Halo Show on Friday, June 9, 2017.

Gary Montgomery at St. James Catholic Church

Gary Montgomery speaking at St. James Catholic Church

Gary Montgomery Speaking at the YMCA

Gary Montgomery Speaking At The YMCA on 12/14/16.

Everybody on the planet

I just got an email from a friend who read my book “It’s Fun to be Catholic!” Joe Bonura, wrote “Gary, your book needs to be read by every Catholic and non-Catholic on the planet. Keep up the great work.” Joe is Christian but not Catholic. He helped me adjust my thinking because yes this […]

Gary Montgomery on WAVE 3 News

Gary Montgomery stopped by WAVE 3 News to discuss his new book, It’s Fun To Be Catholic, with Dawne Gee on WAVE Country.

Gary Montgomery on Sirius XM Radio

Gary Montgomery discussed his new book, It’s Fun To Be Catholic, with Gus Lloyd on the Sirius XM Radio program Seize The Day.

Wednesday Mornings

A group of men gather on Wednesday mornings at my church, St. Bernadette in Louisville KY. It’s a group of catholic men focused on growing as Men of Christ then sharing then the “Good News” with our wives, girlfriends, children, families, co-workers, and friends. We call it boot-camp but we’re not building muscle, we’re building […]


The Unknown It’s a scary place, the unknown. We all think about it and some of us go there. Of course it’s no longer the unknown when we go there, that’s how we get rid of the unknown, take a risk and step in. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Not long ago […]

Alway Learning

I learned a lot when I  watched the Republican candidates debate.  I learned  a few things about issues and politics but mostly I learned about communication. I liked the energy most of the candidates showed up with.  You’ve read how important energy is in communication from previous posts.  Most candidates showed excitement. What attracted my […]