Givers and Takers

I am reading a book my son gave me recently.  It’s titled “Give and Take” about helping others as we travel the path to success.

If you’ve read any of my blogs, or my book “I CAN PLAY, A Philosophy for Life,” or if you have attended one of my presentations, you know I teach the “Giver” side of “Give and Take.”  Why?  It simply makes life better for you and all who surround you.

My definition of leadership is very simple.  Leadership comes alive when someone feels better about who they are because they were influenced by you!  Think about it.   Who from your past, or present, has influenced you to think better of yourself?  Perhaps it’s a fifth-grade teacher, or a band director, maybe a volleyball or football coach?  Of course there’s Mom and Dad.  They influenced you to think better of yourself from something they did or said.  Because of that positive influence,  you want more of them.  That’s the Gary Montgomery definition of leadership.

Let’s apply this approach to presentations to an audience from in front of the room.

I was a television sportscaster for over 30 years.  To be honest I did not understand this philosophy, or approach.  I thought I was special because I was the one on T.V.  I was the one people invited to speak to their audiences.  I was special because I was in the front of the room …or so I thought.  It took awhile but eventually I learned that I had it all wrong.  I was a Taker.

I needed to become a Giver.

Instead of saying “Here I Am!” when I showed up to give a presentations, I needed to learn to say, and think, “There You Are!”   It changed everything.  I made the audience more important in my life.  I was to serve them by giving them a message which could help them grow.

Today I work to carry that lesson to all parts of life.  With my grandchildren, my children, my wife, the 8th graders I teach on Sunday mornings, the kids I coach, and everyone else I connect with during the day.  I’ve got a long way to go, but I am working and improving on the “There You Are” philosophy.  It’s a giving philosophy.  It’s a listening, helping, growing, guiding philosophy.  And here comes the amazing part.  Once you and I help others realize how good they can be, they want more of us.  We help them feel good about themselves.

That’s Leadership … “There You Are!”

We’ll make the “There You Are!” philosophy come alive when you join me for the “Making Magic in the Front of the Room,” presentation seminar coming up September 17.  We’ll share great techniques on how to build your message, share your ideas, and feel comfortable during your presentation.   We will grow as ‘givers’ helping our audiences feel better about themselves as they learn from you.  A TAKE-away for you is you will grow in learning how to “Make Magic in the Front of the Room.”  Developing your leadership skills will occur as you improvce your presentation technique.

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