Just be ‘Pops’

While playing with my soon to be three-year-old  granddaughter she heard me talk like Capt. Hook ‘ Walk the plank,” I said in that gravely voice I’ve enjoyed on the big screen.  She didn’t like the new identity.  “Pops, you just be Pops, “ she instructed.

Now isn’t that comforting  – she wants me to be who I am.  No living up to others expectations, no acting out, just Pops, the best Pops I can be. I think I’ll do it all day!  Then I won’t have to guess how I think I should act in different situations.  Just the best Gary I can be, all the time!

That’s the same lesson for the front of the room and presentations skills.  Build yourself to be the best you can be, and then bring it with you …your best knowledge, your best attitude, your best communication skills, and your absolute best self-belief.  Just be you when you speak, not the person you think someone wants you to be.  That’s the path to find our how good you can be … and the nervousness and self-doubt will begin to disappear.


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