Leadership Training Gain confidence and skills to lead your team

Leadership / Management Training

Gary Montgomery travels the country presenting seminars for managers. The full day seminar (can be a half day) teaches managers the core curriculum of leadership skills.

  • Communicating – The QLC formula
  • Delegation – How to “use your talent to make your talent better
  • Relationships - Bridge building & barrier demolition
  • Teambuilding – Gary calls it TEAMERSHIP
  • Dealing with difficult employees – Adjusting attitudes
  • Change - How to trust and adjust!
  • Goal setting - How does it look when you get there?
  • Hiring- Get the right people on board
  • Self-Management – Vision, positive atmosphere, risk = self-belief


Gary can customize a presentation for organizations, schools, Chambers of Commerce or businesses that work with volunteers. The volunteer presentation can be a stand-alone keynote or half-day training, or it may be incorporated with a Leadership/Management or Communication seminar.

Gary’s title of his volunteer training sums up the learning material:

Volunteers: “How to get ‘em – how to keep ‘em”

  • How to recruit volunteers so they want to be part of the team
  • How to build and train a volunteer team
  • How to involve volunteers so they want to complete the task
  • How to communicate with volunteers so they want to listen
  • How to praise, praise, praise, praise, praise … and then praise volunteers

Leadership Development

This module helps individuals grow in the their leadership skills and personal development.
• How to increase confidence and self-belief
• How to set and achieve goals
• How to build and live in a positive environment
• How to become comfortable dealing with and implementing change
• How to inspire and influence others